Our Technology

  • All contained within the fireplace
    Which Requires
    • No Gap
    • No Louvers
    • No Heat Dump

  • Combustibles ok – Wood & Drywall

  • Quick and Simple installation

  • Maintenance Friendly

No Gap

With a lot of the competition fireplaces, they need to create an escape for the heat to vent out. To do this they leave a gap at the top of the fireplace wall or create a crown to hide the opening.

You don’t need a gap.

No Louvers

Your wall will not have any intake or exhaust louvers to break up the look.

No Heat Dump

There are no vents required behind the wall of the fireplace to dump the built-up heat. This will require less construction material and labour cost.

Combustibles ok

Because everything is contained within the firebox you can drywall right up to the fireplace. No special concrete board or metal studs.

Genesis Series Galaxy 58