Genesis Series Gas Fireplace

By Savannah

Design Without Limitations

Create with Imagination

We have invested an immense amount of time tackling the issue of how to eliminate the need for a safety screen while still providing the safety we all desire.  Additionally, we wanted the owner complete freedom to express themselves across all types of mediums.

What if you could create a fireplace wall that invokes your personality of style and freedom, the choice of textures and form that doesn’t require limiting options of fireproof materials and internal design restrictions?

This was no easy feat.

With each objective comes immense design challenges that add additional base cost and construction expense. Some of the designs out there require extensive heat venting, heat dumps and intake and exhaust louvers which detract from the overall appearance.

We challenged our designers to think outside the box while keeping it all within the box. We took away all the competition lines that were out there and asked them to start from the beginning.

And… the Genesis series was born.

  • Sophisticated lines
  • Build, simple
  • Maintenance-friendly

Stunning high definition views of the flame

Unimpeded panoramic view of this stunning fireplace; no safety screen. Attention to every detail from the ceramic rock to the realistic ceramic driftwood gives the sense of beauty only found in nature. Switch on and the flame dances amongst nature’s elements to bring the scene alive. 

Heat Shield

Heat Shield

  • Screen Free Fireplace
  • Our double wall glass technology
  • Warm Glass System: Safety touch glass
Genesis Double Wall Glass

Warm Glass System: Keeps glass temperature below 172f

Clear View:
With our double wall glass technology

 Easy Clean:
No technician required

Genesis Heat Shield

• Clear View: With our double wall glass technology ‘Clear View’ has done away with the need for distractive safety screens. Our double shield glass protects hands from burning, while you can enjoy uncompromised views of your stunning fireplace.

• Warm Glass System: Safety touch glass Warm Glass System skillfully brings the temperature of the glass down well below the stringent standard of 172 degrees Fahrenheit, while still allowing radiant heat to efficiently heat your room.

• Easy Clean: No technician is required with our easy maintenance glass removal system, you won’t need a service technician to come and clean your fireplace viewing glass area.

RTC Technology

Genesis RTC AirFlow

heat from the fire through the glass

Air flowing up over the radiant heat

Gently blowing air into the room

1 or 2 back

2 front

Radiant – Allowing the heat from the fire to naturally spill into the room

Thermal – Air flowing up over the radiant heat

Convection – Gently blowing air into the room

Three or four fans combine airflow with 6 variable speeds and 7 flame settings will maximize room heating efficiency on days when you might need extra heat throughout your room. An unprecedented 42 heating combinations.

Us vs them

Some things to consider with other manufactures

Other manufacturers have used different ways to deal with heat. Some add ducting to send heat to various parts of the home like force air ducting. Others leave gaps at the top of the wall and exhaust louvres to reduce heat build-up. 

The image below shows some of the issues you might have when installing these types and deciding what goes above the fireplace.

Here is how we do it

We decided to keep everything within the confines of the fireplace giving you total control of your design ideas. Why should your fireplace restrict you from what your room says about you? We agree.

Create without Limitations.